Friday, May 25, 2018

Stage 19 - Froome on Fire: Yates Late

Hello. I’m out of town on a trip this weekend and formatting on my phone is a pain in the arse, so no pictures for you. Except this one.

Stage 19 sure was interesting. Simon Yates cracked more spectacularly than a Chinese Pinarello and it’s all over for him. Still I mustn’t complain too much, as he did earn me a lot of points while it lasted.

As Yates struggled, I could take heart from having Tom Dumoulin in my team, surely he would inherit the race lead? Well, no. That Chris Froome only went on a massive 80km trip up the road, won the stage and took the Pink Jersey. He sure can climb well for someone who came into the race carrying a lot of heavy baggage.

Some good news for Enrico 666, with a belter of a score.

And the Bile Beans hang on in front, but collapse is just around the corner.

Stage 20 tomorrow. Anything could happen and probably will.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Giro Stage 18 - Schachmann Strong; Yates Yields

I'm not really sure who Max Schachmann is, but he's young and has had a great race so far this year, especially now he just won a stage. I may have to consider him for future Bile Beans squads if the price is right.

Showing the first sign of weakness since the start, was Simon Yates. He lost contact with the favorites' group on the final climb and saw his lead over Dumoulin cut to 28 seconds. It seems the race is far from over.

With that big group going clear to fight out the win, scores were modest for most of us today. Not for Mungo though, he's obviously way ahead of me on Schachmann selection strategies.

Still the Bile Beans in the overall then, but I'm going to need a good buffer of points to keep the Kleofekappers from thrashing me with the end-of-Tour points.

Stage 19, is one of two more mountain stages the riders will have to tick-off before the finish on Sunday. Did Yates just have an off day today, or is it a sign of fatigue setting in? Tomorrow should help us find out.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Giro Stage 17 - Stage Win IV for Viv

So much for taking it easy today. The world and his dog were trying to get into the break today, but nothing really stuck and the pace remained high. By the finish, it was all back together again and who else to win the sprint but Viviani to make it win #4.

Biggest score whore of the day was Enrico 666.

With my sprinter on fire and the Kloefekappers sprinter luke-warm at best, the Bile Beans lead has increased a little.

Stage 18 looks to have a slight incline at the end. With nearly a minute in the bag and no more time trials, Yates just needs to cover any dangerous moves and he should have it in the bag.