Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Giro 2017 Stage 17 - Rolland Rolls Across Land

It seems like the world and his dog made it into the break today - except for any Bile Beans of course. There were 40 odd blokes up the road at one point, but in the end, Pierre Rolland showed his spunk and took the win.

With the retirement of Thomas Voeckler, there's a vacancy for 'French Rider Vestan Irrationally Hates' and for a while Rolland was in the running. By all accounts though, the boy done good today. And besides, I think we are all agreed that Nacer Bouhanni is a much bigger bellend.

A nice little points haul for chemical kingpin Richard Harrison on today's stage. Meanwhile, at the other end of the table there's fuck all points for the Bile Beans.

Continuing a good run at the top of the overall, it's Enrico 666.

Stage 18 looks like a tricky one. I hope Dumoulin can keep his shit together.