Saturday, July 14, 2018

FTDF Stage 8 - All Aboard the Groenewegen Bandwagon

Happy Bastille day folks! I hope you had a good one, mine was improved immensely by this flier that came into my mailbox today - who could say no to a shitty mountain bike with the forks on the wrong way round? Alas, it's after 9pm, so this beauty will not be mine.

Anyway, onto the bike race. Sigh... another stage, another sprint. It was Dylan Groenewegen again today, making it 2 stages apiece for the 3 top sprinters of the race so far.

With an upcoming hiatus in sprint opportunities and seeing as I've got a bunch of excel spreadsheets close to hand, lets have a look at some sprint stats....So, he may have been pricey, but Sagan is looking like the top sprinting investment so far, with Gaviria just edging out Colbrelli for second.

PETER SAGAN20119459.7

But wait, who's this guy ahead of Sagan with his Points/Cost ratio? I'm not sure either, but I now wish that I had picked him - he's not even an official sprinter.


For the first time in a while, Waca isn't King of the Daily Scores.

TeamManagerStage 8
The CharmersCraig E Pance277
Running with the Bulls and an InhalerDelphiakid246
Dudes Riding Using Good StuffDrew Stephenson234
BarmbyWorldClive Jeffery232
History BoysWarwick Anderson229
The Golden Lions eating a baguetteLisa204
Chanbots UltraEvil Dr Chan109
Bile BeansVestan Pance88
Do Androids Dream of Chris FroomeEric Mortier82
Kloefekappers FCJan Van Belleghem70
SmugblokesMark Philo45

Waca is still King of the overall scores though.

History BoysWarwick Anderson3113
Running with the Bulls and an InhalerDelphiakid2692
BarmbyWorldClive Jeffery2287
Chanbots UltraEvil Dr Chan2094
Dudes Riding Using Good StuffDrew Stephenson1926
Bile BeansVestan Pance1695
The CharmersCraig E Pance1680
The Golden Lions eating a baguetteLisa1509
Do Androids Dream of Chris FroomeEric Mortier1320
SmugblokesMark Philo952
Kloefekappers FCJan Van Belleghem729

Stage 9 should bring an end to sprint monotony. The route may be a little short, as they are trying to finish early in an effort to avoid a clash with the "soccer', but there should be thrills and spills as the race takes on some of the Paris-Roubaix cobbles. I'm expecting at least one GC contender to come under the 'spills' category tomorrow.

Friday, July 13, 2018

FTDF Stage 7 - Groenewegen Gets on the Winning Wagon

Dylan Groenewegen won on the Champs Elysees last year, but so far this year he's been behind the likes of Gaviria and Sagan. He did nicely today though, on a stage where the bunch were taking it so easy that my recording cut off 4km from the end of the stage.

Once again, it's time to point out that the History Boys have the highest score for the day.

TeamManagerStage 7
History BoysWarwick Anderson376
Running with the Bulls and an InhalerDelphiakid357
BarmbyWorldClive Jeffery342
Chanbots UltraEvil Dr Chan277
The CharmersCraig E Pance254
Bile BeansVestan Pance246
Do Androids Dream of Chris FroomeEric Mortier217
Dudes Riding Using Good StuffDrew Stephenson199
The Golden Lions eating a baguetteLisa170
SmugblokesMark Philo55
Kloefekappers FCJan Van Belleghem39

And in the overall, the future looks bright for the History Boys.

History BoysWarwick Anderson2884
Running with the Bulls and an InhalerDelphiakid2446
BarmbyWorldClive Jeffery2055
Chanbots UltraEvil Dr Chan1985
Dudes Riding Using Good StuffDrew Stephenson1692
Bile BeansVestan Pance1607
The CharmersCraig E Pance1403
The Golden Lions eating a baguetteLisa1305
Do Androids Dream of Chris FroomeEric Mortier1238
SmugblokesMark Philo907
Kloefekappers FCJan Van Belleghem659

Stage 8 should be another sprint, but it will be the last for a while, with the race set to get a bit more interesting from Sunday.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

FTDF Stage 6 - Martin Beats Martin, Martin and Martinez

Apparently the most common last name in the world is Li,/Lee but according to my research, the most common last name in the Tour De France is Martin/Martinez. So statistically speaking, the chances of a Martin stage win were always pretty high. That's selling Dan Martin a little short though, as he put in a gutsy move near the top of the Mur de Bretagne and held off the best riders in the world to win the stage. And he did it all in his T-shirt.

Still holding on to the overall lead is that GVA, although GT did take a few bonus seconds to move up to second overall.

The History Boys have no shame when it comes to big scores. 

TeamManagerStage 6
History BoysWarwick Anderson545
Chanbots UltraEvil Dr Chan451
Running with the Bulls and an InhalerDelphiakid377
SmugblokesMark Philo321
Dudes Riding Using Good StuffDrew Stephenson246
Bile BeansVestan Pance200
Do Androids Dream of Chris FroomeEric Mortier151
The CharmersCraig E Pance129
The Golden Lions eating a baguetteLisa129
BarmbyWorldClive Jeffery104
Kloefekappers FCJan Van Belleghem85

If we still had the Velogames overall league to consult, I'd imagine that the History Boys would be doing quite nicely. As it is though we can only speculate and take some comfort in the fact that Warwick's all-rounders aren't that great.

History BoysWarwick Anderson2508
Running with the Bulls and an InhalerDelphiakid2089
BarmbyWorldClive Jeffery1713
Chanbots UltraEvil Dr Chan1708
Dudes Riding Using Good StuffDrew Stephenson1493
Bile BeansVestan Pance1361
The CharmersCraig E Pance1149
The Golden Lions eating a baguetteLisa1135
Do Androids Dream of Chris FroomeEric Mortier1021
SmugblokesMark Philo852
Kloefekappers FCJan Van Belleghem620

Stage 7 should be back to sprinting business as usual again, I predict some Direct Energie riders will be away in the break for most of the day, they'll get caught and Gaviria will win the stage, with Sagan not far behind.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

FTDF Stage 5 - Peter Sagan Shows Total Lack of Compassion for People Who Didn't Pick Him

Once again business as usual for first week fun. The Direct Energie team riders must have something written into their contracts that obliges them to take a chance in the suicide break of the day. Today was Sylvain Chavanel and Lilian Calmejane's turn to get on the TV.

With 4 road stages ticked off, we still only have 2 stage winners. Gaviria and Sagan seem to be taking it in turns to win the sprints, and today it was Sagan's turn.

There's no stopping the History Boys with these scores.

TeamManagerStage 5
History BoysWarwick Anderson442
Running with the Bulls and an InhalerDelphiakid303
Dudes Riding Using Good StuffDrew Stephenson291
The Golden Lions eating a baguetteLisa267
BarmbyWorldClive Jeffery265
Chanbots UltraEvil Dr Chan252
Bile BeansVestan Pance224
The CharmersCraig E Pance216
SmugblokesMark Philo172
Kloefekappers FCJan Van Belleghem82
Do Androids Dream of Chris FroomeEric Mortier43

So Waca extends his lead at the top of the overall.

History BoysWarwick Anderson1963
Running with the Bulls and an InhalerDelphiakid1712
BarmbyWorldClive Jeffery1609
Chanbots UltraEvil Dr Chan1257
Dudes Riding Using Good StuffDrew Stephenson1247
Bile BeansVestan Pance1161
The CharmersCraig E Pance1020
The Golden Lions eating a baguetteLisa1006
Do Androids Dream of Chris FroomeEric Mortier870
Kloefekappers FCJan Van Belleghem535
SmugblokesMark Philo531

Stage 6 then, and there may be a possible break from the Sagan/Gaviria domination. The finish up the Mûr-de-Bretagne could see a few of the GC contenders throw their hats in the ring for a Stage win. Or Sagan could win again, but I'd rather he didn't.