Monday, August 21, 2017

Vuelta Stage 3 - Nibali Clips Away

Much like it was for me, today was a day of mixed fortunes for Vincenzo Nibali . For me things started off a little wrong when I forgot my undercrackers and had to go commando when I arrived at work. For Vincenzo, things went a bit wrong when he was left behind on the slopes of the final climb. I turned the day around by checking out a solar eclipse and getting some fresh kecks into the bargain.

For Vincenzo, he turned the day around by going down the final hill like shit off a shovel and taking the stage.

He didn't take the race lead though, that went to the Froome.

These Stage scores are probably putting a smug smile on the Smugblokes smug faces.

Mungo is at it again with the overall scores.

Stage 4 seems to be mostly downhill. Could be one for the sprinters, I hope so as I seem to have selected 2 sprinters in a race with approximately 2 sprints in 3 weeks.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Vuelta Stage 2 - Yay For Yaves

It looks like it was a windy day at the Vuelta today. Well good for them, I went sailing today and there was fuck all wind, so it was more of a drift really. Anyhooze, onto the racing, as it's Sunday, which means I've got Game of Thrones to watch. It was sprint denied by a last minute break. Taking the win and the overall was Yaves Lampaert.

Coming out of nowhere to take the points today was Mungo.

  • 369 points

    Mungo Cycling

  • 164 points

    Lotto de Nobos

    Warwick Anderson
  • 137 points

    Bile Beans

    Vestan Pance
  • 112 points

    ENRICO 666

    Eric Mortier
  • 101 points

    Dudes riding under gullible sponsorship

    Drew Stephenson
  • 64 points


    Evil Dr Chan
  • 61 points


    Jan Van Belleghem
  • 53 points

    Peter Sagan`s Inflatable Pink Flamingo

  • 53 points


    Mark Philo
  • 21 points

    Golden Lions wearing a red shirt

  • 18 points

    Sean Kelly All Stars

    Patrick Hough

  • And heading up the overall is also that Mungo.

    Tomorrow sees the race hit that wannabe country, Andorra for some climbing action. I don't know who's going to win, but I can tell you that everyone will be a winner with all the cheap booze and cigarettes that you can pick up there.