Thursday, June 22, 2017

Entries Open for Fantasy Tour De France 2017

Entries are now open for this year's Fantasy Tour! At the risk of patronizing my regulars - who I'm sure need no reminding - get yourself over to the Velogames site, pick a team and enter it in the Tour De Pance minileague. Thinking of which, you'll need this here code:

League Code: 315327613

This year, the Tour starts in Düsseldorf with a little prologue (and a Kraftwerk gig), then heads off around France for a bit, before finishing off in Paris three weeks later. As usual, the prologue is short and flat and as one of the more predictable stages, it can be a chance to get some early points in the bag.

Check back here in July for all the latest race covfefe.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Giro 2017 Stage 21 - Dumoulin Beats Douchebag

By popular demand - well, Drew has been pestering me - I bring you the final scores for this year's Fantasy Giro. But before we get to them, let's have a quick look at how Stage 21 went down. In the race of truth, the truth is..... that in the same way that few people will remember who won that stage when Dumoulin took a dump at the side of the road, few people will remember that Jos Van Emden was the fastest. Or for that matter that Joey Rosskopf (the future of US cycling) was a respectable 5th.

Because Tom Dumoulin put enough time into Quintana to take the race.

Stage scores went to Enrico 666.

Getting the most of those end of Tour points were the Smuggies. Please note that the Bile Beans did worst, it might have helped if more than 5 of my team had bothered to finish the race.

Trumping everyone in the end, it was Enrico 666. Congratulations! But well done to everyone, it was a tight old race this year and I like to think that every team had its chance to shine. I won't dwell on who was last, let's protect his anonymity and just call him Warwick A.

Next up in races I can be bothered to blog about, is some race called the Tour De France. It'll be no Giro D'Italia that's for sure, but I hope to see you guys there anyway.