Monday, September 11, 2017

Vuelta Final Scores - Hats Off to Kloefekappers and the Froome

Hey Pance Pickers! My sources tell me that the Vuelta actually finished yesterday, so I suppose I should wrap this thing up eh.................Stage 20 went up the steeper than steep Angliru, where Alberto Contador showed he may be hanging up his wheels, but he's still got some class.

I think we can all agree that the best thing about Stage 20, is that the Bile Beans got the most points.

Onto Stage 21, and that pesky  Matteo Trentin was at it again in the final sprint of the race.

That pesky Mungo was at it again in the scores.

Chris Froome finally won the Vuelta, after several years of trying. If I remember correctly, he also won the Tour this year, so I'm guessing he's pretty chuffed.

At the end of the Tour, The Kloefekappers got the most of the end-of-Tour points.

Therefore, the Kloefekappers take the most points and win the mini-league ahead of the rest of us losers.

See you at the 2018 Giro? Ooops, I almost forgot to mention that I beat Waca at the Tour of Britain.