Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Time's up for Suisse Watchers

Hello, the Tour De Suisse wrapped up the other day, but I only just noticed. Overall victory went to little Richie Porte, who might just be a Dark Horse for the Tour, but not far behind was another Tour hopeful, Nairo Quintana. 

The Bile Beans started off strong, but fell apart in the mountains. So heading up the Fantasy Fun were Enrico 666, who also seem to be heading up the overall season competition too. 

Next up, a little race called the Tour De France. Perhaps I will see you there?

Monday, June 11, 2018

Dauphine Round-Up/ Swiss Roll-up

The Bile Beans performance at the Dauphine can be summed up pretty simply -SAD!
Like many a rider though, I was just using the race to hone my performance ahead of the Tour De France. So surviving some last-minute puncture drama, the original G'ster, Geraint Thomas, won himself the Criterium du Dauphine.

Things went pretty smoothly for Mungo, but as they us say, the Dauphine winner never wins the Tour, (except when he does).

Over in Switzerland, the Tour de Suisse rolls along. We've had three stages so far and thanks to some sprinting luck, the Bile Beans are not languishing in last position. Lets have a quick look at the scores, while I can still take some pride in them.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Giro Overall - Froome Farts in Foes Faces

Apologies for my tardiness in wrapping up this year's race, but I was doing some epic riding over the weekend and have only just recovered.

Anyway, the Giro this year was certainly full of drama and in the end gave us a controversial winner. Some say he epitomizes everything wrong with Cycling today and that he's a boring wanker, but whatever you think of him, Vestan Pance won the Fantasy Giro. In other news the real race went the way of Chris Froome, thanks to that remarkable Stage 19 attack.

Let's wrap up those stage scores then. Stage 20 saw Nieve win the stage, while Pinot became another rider chewed up and spat-out by an unrelenting race. 

Most points to Enrico 666.
Stage 21 was a procession/sprint into Rome. Viviani and Bennett were definitely the fastest fast-men on the race this year and for the final stage Bennett came out on top.

Which did nicely for Drew's Dude's.
The End-of-Tour points went the way of Enrico 666, but the Beans were not to far behind and, most importantly were ahead of the Kleofekappers.
So, let's look at the final overall table, Bile Beans on top ahead of The Kloefekappers and Chanbots, with Mungo taking up the rear. 
I'm sure there's another Fantasy race just around the corner. Oh look, there is:

Critérium du Dauphiné Stage Race 03 June 2018

If I get my shit together, I could try and get enough points to not suck quite so badly in the season long competition